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  1. Hi, Dermot McCabe


    Would you like your ebook reviewed by numerous anonymous fellow Indie-authors in exchange for reading and reviewing: ‘Heaven is High and the Emperor Far Away, a Play’ by Hock G. Tjoa.

    If so, read on.

    My name is James Field. I am the indie-author of ‘Gathering Clouds…’. Like many other indie-authors, I am searching for review exposure. I believe book reviews can be an important sales factor; they give a book credibility, attract potential new customers, and improve search-engine links.

    Many indie-authors trade reviews, but in my opinion, reviews ought never be directly ‘exchanged’. A direct swap will most probably result in a biased review.

    This ‘leap-frog’ method detaches you from your reviewer and improves the prospect of an honest, impartial review. You will never know the reviewer’s identity until the review is published.

    Sample and assess: ‘Heaven is High and the Emperor Far Away, a Play’. If you feel comfortable reviewing it and would like to participate, send me an email to ulsvaag-at-gmail-dot-com. I will interpret ‘no reply’ as ‘no thank you’ and respect your wishes.

    If you wish to proceed, this is what will happen:
    1. I will send you a free PDF copy of: ‘Heaven is High and the Emperor Far Away, a Play’, and a free PDF copy of ‘My Book’, (Gathering Clouds…soft sci-fi). Read and review: ‘Heaven is High and the Emperor Far Away, a Play’, and give it an honest, objective, and courteous review. Leave the review at your favourite online distributor, but also on: Goodreads

    2. Use this email as a template, changing names, book titles and links. Scan web-sites for promising indie-authors and, using this modified email, invite any number to review ‘My Book’. (The number of potential reviewers for ‘Your Book,’ depends on the number of reviewers you find for ‘My Book.’)

    3. If they wish to proceed, send each of them a free PDF copy of ‘My Book’, and a free PDF copy of ‘Your Book’.

    4. As the feed progresses, your invited indie-authors will present ‘Your Book’ for review, and, hopefully, you will receive reviews from one or more persons unknown to you.

    There is no money exchanged, and the only risk is discouraging reviews. The number of reviews you receive depends on how many authors you solicit, and how many they, in their turn, solicit.

    Sincerely, James Field.

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